Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Well, at last, here is my blog!

I'm completely new to this, but let's have a bash shall we!

I've has a really busy couple of weeks - getting ready for the bead fair at Newmarket.

Fyrebirds Newmarket - June 09

When I go to fairs I exhibit under the name of Fyrebirds, along with my good friends Colette & Shirley! As usual we are all busy getting new beads designed and made up ready for everyone. And Newmarket in particilar is a really nice venue - gives is a chance to chat to everybody, and do a little shopping of our own!!

But before Newmarket - the day before I had booked myself on a glass fusing course!! I've wanted to have a go at this for ages, and as I already lampwork and have a kiln, it makes perfect sense to have a go!! So I googled and found a place in Oxford - called Glass Jewels tha t was just the thing for me!! I set off on Saturday morning in good time - nice and relaxed. As I was getting closer to Towcester there was a LOT of traffic. Then it dawned on me .............. Grand Prix weekend. My route was to go right Silverstone, but the road was blocked off!!! I don't normally shout at the TomTom, but it kept telling me to "turn around where possible" - fine if you've made a wrong turn, but not helpful when the road is shut!!.

I finally got the the course - a little late, and a little stressed (I hate being late!), but I soon got caught up. The course was fabulous, and I really enjoyed myself. It's run by a couple called Vince and Sue, and they aer very welcoming. The day started out practising the cutting of glass - then straight into making up a piece of jewellery - we all opted for pendants. Throughout the day, we would stop and Vince or Sue would show us some more techniques - and before long we all had a collection of pieces waiting to be fired in the kiln. I should get mine back any day now, and I can't wait to see how they've turned out. ............. I've already been looking on some sites looking for yet more glass to have a go at this new venture!

and here are some pictures




  1. Fab pieces Trudi, love the pink ones especially the middle top one. Now I have my kiln I can have a go to. Cant wait to try it out!!

  2. Gorgeous pieces Trudi ~ love the white/green one on the top right x