Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gift Of A Blue Heart

I really love making gifts, and Christmas is a great time for this, if not very busy!!

Part of the challenge is to make something that will suit the intended from length, style and colour.

One of the gifts I made this year was this necklace
It started out with the blue heart, cobalt blue isn't normally a colour I go for, but I really like it in this heart. I wanted a longer length necklace so I used some hand-dyed silks from Diane (aren't they just gorgeous!) and to give it some weight and because I thought it looked un-finished, I added a long purple Swarovski crystal.
Just hope she likes it!
Trudi x

Friday, 24 December 2010

Long Hollow Necklace

Well it's Christmas, so I decided to make myself a neckace, and why not!

I've wanted a long chain necklace for a while and these beads are perfect for this time of year. They've been teamed with black crimpable chain and a few Swarovski crystals that just pick up the light!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, 6 December 2010


Damson, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

As you know I just adore getting pictures from customers when they've used my beads!

Sarah (Devongem) has just sent me this beauty!

And I quote "These sparkling beads from Trudi remind me of little damsons! Mixed with very heavyweight silver discs, this makes a very sumptuous bracelet for the Christmas period."

Isn't it just delicious. You can see more of Sarah's work on flickr at

Inkspired Challenge

One of the challenges in one of my forum groups last month was to design a piece that was based on a tattoo theme! Good challenge!!
So I came up with the hearts and flowers theme, ideally I would have included a dagger but these are quite tricky to come by, so I used a haging crystal drop instead as the piece looked unfinished without it.
The colours aren't normally ones I'd use together, I was taking myself out of my comfort zone, but looking at it now I'm really pleased with it.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New Currencies on Etsy and a discount

If you've never been tempted to shop on Etsy, now could be the time to give it a go.
Unlike Ebay, Etsy is designed more towards handcrafted items, and over the past few years it has grown in popularity. It has virtual shop like feel to it, as each seller automatically gets their own shop front making items easy to find. All prices are buy it now, so no having to wait for an auction to finish.
Until a few days ago, all listings were in $USD, which I think tended to put people off. But not anymore, now we are able to list in most major currencies, including GBP!! This makes it much easier for local buyers and for sellers as we don't see our prices fluctuating!
All my listings have now been converted into sterling and I've even revised some prices and lowered them. But if that isn't enough to tempt you to have a look, up until the end of December I'm offering a 10% discount across the shop (this applies to the item price and not the P&P). The discount code to enter at check out is CHRISTMASDISCOUNT - coupons are new to me so fingers crossed this all works, but if you have any problems just email me.
Trudi x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Give Me Colour!!

Long before I stared making beads, I made jewellery. These days I tend to make more beads, but every now and then I get the urge to make up jewellery. Sometimes it's for gifts, but sometimes it's just because.....

This bracelet was a "just because" ........... I do like making beads to suit the season, and coming up blacks, greys and blues will be popular, but I just felt like I needed some colour!!! These beads were made with a light topaz glass, a colour I do love to use, with a little goldstone and rolled in Beady Sam's trifle frit!!

I had a root around in my bead stash and found some coppered ceramic discs and findings that really bring out the gold stone. A further root and I came up with the coloured ceramic discs that I bought from Hilary, don't they look great, and in between I have some cut glass beads that I bought at a bead fair from Buffy's Beads!

When I look at this now, one word springs to mind and that's


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bright as a Button!

Custom buttons , originally uploaded by claires crystal classics.

While I was having a little look through Flickr, this set really caught my eye!!

It's bold and bright and is perfect for chasing away any winter blues!! I've always admired button jewellery but I don't seem to be gifted in being able to put a piece together as well as this!

This was designed by Claire, to see more of her work visit

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Free Entry Prize Draw

It's time for another giveaway people!
On offer is this focal - Heart Of A Showgirl
I'm a Kylie Fan!!
If you're not into making jewellery I'll make this up into a pendant so you can easily pop in on a chain.
To enter visit my website have a look around and I want to know what item you like best on there and why. Post your answers on the discussions tab of my facebook page by Friday 8th November 2010, and a winner will be picked at random.
One entry per person please!
Good luck!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hollows Made Easy!

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Di East's Open Day - a real treat for any lampie!!
It was great to meet up with friends that I hadn't seen for a while, and make new ones too!
Through out the day there were scheduled demos, and lots of show and tells!

During an impromptu show and tell, the lovely Kay (Hollergrafik) showed me how to make hollows the easy way!

I do love hollow beads as they are nice and light weight and are also very reflective, but I was reluctant to make many as they were time consuming and not always easy to get consistent sizes ................ but not any more!
Thanks Kay!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Think Pink Beads

Well it's October and it's Breast Cancer Awareness month!

So I have made some beads with pink ribbons (decorated on both sides)!

These are ideal for making into pendants or bag charms, and I'm donating half of the sale price to Cancer Research!

So please help me to raise not only money for this great cause, but also awareness!

If you like these beads and don't make jewellery or charms, contact me and I can help with that.

The beads are on my website

Thanks for looking!

Trudi x

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I had a new customer buy this focal from me a short while ago - Rita, but she does make up jewellery so she called upon her friend Katherine to do the honours.
Katherine makes superb jewellery and she soon got to work on this, but she had a fixed idea in mind for this. The focal has a copper heart inside it, so she knew that to match this Red Magma Swarovski's were called for. These have many many facets so the light really catches the cuts and sparkles like mad!
A super collaboration don't you agree!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Jean's Flower Bracelet

I just love seeing creations made with my beads, and it was a real treat to open up my email and see this stunning bracelet from Jean!

She really does have a flair for mixing lampwork with silver and crystals. This design is simply stylish and feminine.

To see more of Jean's work, please visit

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Magic Mushrooms!!

Magic Mushrooms, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

I held an open evening at the shedio on Monday, and everyone was having a play. Marg made a fabulous mushroom, something I haven't tried yet.

So all fired up, I had a play too!

Think that there will be a few more!

Pass It Forward Giveaway

The idea is that you blog, tweet or facebook about my site - with a link to my website - send me an email at with the details and on 6th Septmber I'll pick a winner who will receive one of these special mugs!

Trudi x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lampwork & Chainmaille

DSCF0839, originally uploaded by dulciebella.

A perfect combination, Jean has come up trumps with this combination, a real class act!

The chainmaille is a flower pattern, and she's teamed my lampwork with a clasp by the equally talented Mizgeorge and finshed with a hilltribe heart - it's all in the detail!

To see more of Jeans's work, please visit

Lampwork & Chainmaille

DSCF0839, originally uploaded by dulciebella.

A perfect combination, Jean has come up trumps with this combination, a real class act!

The chainmaille is a flower pattern, and she's teamed my lampwork with a clasp by the equally talented Mizgeorge and finshed with a hilltribe heart - it's all in the detail!

To see more of Jeans's work, please visit

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Glass & Silk bu Jenny B Designs

jenny b designs, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

Ohh I've just been sent this picture from Lindsay at Jenny B Designs. She's carefully combined my lampwork beads with fine cearmics and the most perfect silk cord!

To see more please visit

Monday, 2 August 2010

Recycled Sapphire Fizz

Sapphire Fizz, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

I've wanted to have a go at melting down a glass bottle and making something with it! So when a Bombay Sapphire bottle was donated to me I couldn't wait - the blue in this glass is just gorgeous!

The bottle was thoroughly washed - and then smashed!! Good to go!

I had read that you need to pick up the glass with tongs to prevent flash back, so I gingerly picked up a large piece and warmed in the back of the flame ..... it soon became apparent that this was not going to work .... the glass was cracking before I could melt it!

So I put plan B into action - I warmed up a lump in the kiln first to help prevent the shocking! And yes it worked!!

This glass is quite stiff so it took me a while, but before too long I had a section melted and pulled into a rod and went into action making these beads which were rolled in fizz frit.

I still have quite a stash of the glass left, wonder what I'll make next!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Today I'm wearing ....

This necklace - the focal was by Louise of Just Desires - she lives local to me and she hosted a studio open day at the weekend!

When we have get togethers, there is the traditional bead swap! For this I received 2 hollows from Colette, and I loved Louise's beads to so arranged an additional swap!!

I've added Swarovski Crystals, and the silk was by Diane of Sowzere - in all a perfect combination!

Monday, 26 July 2010

New Heart Press

What joy .......... I have a new heart press and I'm really just loving it. The cavity makes just a nice size focal bead to decorate and as the surface is "flatter" it's also easier.

They feel nice and smooth in your hand, almost like stones (unless I've left raised decorations on them of course!)

For starters I've made this bunch of 6, but there will be more to come soon!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Well I'm sitting here with a smile on my face - I belong to an online beading group and I have been voted Bead Artisan for June!

Even better was that I had 2 beads nominated, high praise indeed, and I just wanted to say

thank you!

Trudi xx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Inspirational Wilds Of Gleninchaquin, Co Kerry

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit friends in Kenmare, Co Kerry. And unless you see it for yourself, it really is so hard to imagine the sheer untamed beauty of the place. You can really understand the phrase 40 shades of green!

We hired a car and drove around the Ring of Beara, the Ring of Kerry and also into the Gleninchaquin Park. The scenery changed at every turn, and literally took your breath away! This part of Ireland still possesses the raw natural beauty of the land. If you ever get the chance to visit, do so, you won't be disappointed!

When I came back, I wanted to make a simple bead that reflected the landscape. I made this from a couple of layers of green, and when you hold it up to the light it has a beautiful semi transparent, semi opaque quality. I've added a fossil colour to represent the wild rocks and some clear dots that represent the natural waterfalls found. I hope you like it!

It will be going up for sale on my website in the next couple of days!

Thanks for reading!

Trudi x

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Jean's A Star Baby!!

Like me, Jean also loves the stars - there's just something about them! She bought this one from me and has made the most perfect necklace. I don't think that the bead needs much more adding to it, and Jean has it spot on teamed with sterling silver and Swarovski crystal - WOW!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Clio Heart ........ for sale!

Clio Heart, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

You know sometimes less really is "more"!

This lampwork heart was made on a topaz base and decorated with "clio", a reactive glass that reflects some beautiful shades of purples, pinks and blues. I wanted to keep this one simple and so I've matched it with a hand dyed silk from Diane (superb match) and just a couple of Swarovski crystals.

This isn't finished yet - I've added the silk so that you can get an idea but it is for sale and I will finish the length to requirement!

Trudi x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Flip Side Lace!

You may recall I made a "Lace" bead a few weeks ago, and I wasn't sure if I should etch it or not - in the end the customer decided. But while I was pondering, it was suggested to me to etch just one side. I held this thought in my mind, and when I made this bead I decided to give it a go!
Now I appreciate that it's hard to tell from this picture, but it really is quite surreal. I've got the best of both worlds here. One one side it's frosted and shows up the lace really well, and on the flip side it's still got the shiney look - it's quite amazing!! Why didn't I think of this before???
You know, this bead is a keeper but I will be having another go!
Trudi x

Monday, 31 May 2010

Surf's Up

Well get a load of this stunning charm bracelet!!

Just looking at it makes me want to put it on my wrist and head off to the beach!! Immediately you know that as soon as it's on, it's going to jingle jangle like any good charm bracelet should!

This has been lovingly made by Patricia for her granddaughter, Alice and is packed with cute Octopi, a crab, sea toned beads and gorgeous charms! Just perfect!

Thanks for sharing Patricia!

Bank Holiday Giveaway

Got the Bank Holiday Blues with our dull weather - let me cheer you up.

I’m giving away this handmade bag charm. All you have to do is go to discussions tab – and under the topic, leave me your most outrageous begging request. The funnier the better!

This is a quick one folks – only open till 4pm tomorrow night! So get... in quick!

But the request needs to be in the discussion tab only please (it was a nightmare last time finding all the posts!)
Trudi x

See my facebook fan page

Friday, 28 May 2010

Glowing Dotty Beads!

dotty beads set, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

I really love these beads, they have a chocolate brown core, and have been encased in transparent blue and decorated with cream dots. But to make them "special" they've been etched (frosted) and this really brings out the colour of the blue glass and kinda makes them glow!

It was my friends birthday at the weekend, and I had my outfit all planned - then I saw these beads in my stash and thought that they'd look great with the top. So I sat there in the beautiful sunshine and made these up - and I was really pleased with them!!

Went to go and get ready and in true girly fashion I changed the outfit at the last minute!!! Good job I have lots of jewellery to choose from !!!

Trudi x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sea Theme

Sea Themw, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

There's great excitement brewing on the Frit Happens forum! Shahlaa has organised a big hole bead swap with 3 themes - The Sea, playing with silver glass and Summer Nights!

It's getting close now and everyone is posting in their beads - but not only will we get other beads back, there are also prizes to be won . ohhh Matron!

Here's a quick picture of my Sea Themed ones .... not sure about the red one in the middle, that sould be in the Silver Glass pile!! Troublesome beads!!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Daisy , originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

I just adore simple daisies, and this teamed with the silk is just so fresh and gorgeous!

The "Daisy" is a lampwork bead made by myself and I've teamed it with a few Swarovski Crystals, some silver and one of Diane's new "silks". This one is made from Crepe de Chine, and has more definition than the chiffon silks, so looks really good on it's own (sometimes when I use the chiffons' I'd also team them with a thinner silk). The Crepe has a luxurious feel against the skin and gets my thumbs up!

For beads, see my site, (not a jewellery maker, don't worry if you see something you like I'll make it up for you!) and for the silks see

Thanks for stopping by!

Trudi x

Monday, 17 May 2010

Stevie's Lace .... A Comparison

When I made this bead I did wonder what it would look like etched (also known as frosted or matt) - trouble is, once you etch it, that's it ... you can't undo it!)

It was suggested to me to get an idea of how it would look - was to put it in the fridge for a few minutes, take it out and breathe on it! Well that does give you a little idea but I wasn't sure still! So I thought, I'm not deciding - I'll put it up for sale and whoever buys it can decide (I did show a picture of a much smaller bead part etched). That was a good move, the decision was out of my hands!

It was bought and my customer asked for me to etch it, leaving the murrini glossy. WOW, I loved it, the etching does bring out the colour more and shows off the lace effect, and leaving the murrini glossy really adds a new dimension to the overall effect. Don;t get me wrong, I still love the glossy effect too, but now I have the best of both worlds, knowing what it will look like!

Happy days.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Chainmaille in Motion

Take a look at this, Jill has only just bought these beads from me - she abandoned the ironing and the housework (good girl!!) so she could make this stunning necklace. She'd cleverly teamed the green with linking chainmaille segments - giving this a super fluid motion!

Fantastic piece of art wouldn't you agree!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Silver Lemon Anyone?

Silver Lemon, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

As I've been lampworking for a little over 3 years now, I have amassed lots of frit (small bits of glass - used to decorate beads or for different effects). Much of this is in taster size bags (mainly from BeadySam) - and I realised that I have many that I haven't tried yet (Shame on me I know)

So I had a little rummage and I found a "silver rich" one called Silver Lemon - not having seen a silver lemon, I was intrigued to find out just what this frit would do. Lampworking can be a real journey of discovery, as you just never know how things will end up. The frit you can see is on the right - looks kinda dark a not too interesting doesn't it! So I attached some to the end of a hot clear rod and pulled a stringer (long thin piece of glass), pit aside and made myself a clear base, then using the stringer I wrapped it round the bead, and then encased this with clear.

Now even though I have made the bead - I still don't know how it's going to end up - when beads are hote, they look very different - and when you're trying something new, it can go either way.

Well the kiln faries were good to me, as you can see with the beads in the picture. Now while these are realtively simple beads, the shimmer that the silver lemon gives off is amazing. When I look at the beads it's bright lime yellow, and parts of it has streaks of green running through and in general it's very reflective.

Next time I use this glass I'll try something else with it - who knows where that will lead me. As for these pretties, I'm undecided what to do with them yet .... but I'll let you know!

Trudi x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Empty Vessels ....... think not!!!

I was thrilled last night when I logged onto my online group - The End Of The Rainbow to find that I was the Bead Artisan for April (my birthday month too!), nominated for these two Amphora / Vessel beads.

A big thank you for the support, when yo make beads you're never sure how they'll turn out or is people will like them - so this really means a lot to me!

Not forgetting Sally Carver (aka Red Hot Sal) as I was inspired by her tutorial in Beads & Beyond!

Thanks Trudi x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Free Flower Necklace Giveaway

Yes, you read that right, I’m giving this summery flower necklace away! Made with my lampwork bead, it has been perfectly teamed with Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and hand dyed silk. The silk is approx 20” long with knotted ends so you can tie this to a length that suits you!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to become a fan of the Glittering Prize Facebook page (!/pages/Glittering-Prize/24977313436?ref=ts or see the link on the right hand side of this page!) go to the page and press the “like it” button - and then leave me a nice wall message for me before 4pm Monday 17th May. Simples!

I will then use my random generator (Jojo!) to select a winner!

Trudi x

To see more please also visit

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Julia's Tigers

Julia's Tigers, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

Another customer photo for me to drrol over!

Julia bought some of my tiger beads and she's teamed them with onxy and silvered ceramic spacers for this classic look. She tells me she's keeping it for herself, and I say "Why not"!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Glimpse inside my private beady stash

It's not often people get to see this, like every other beader I have my own special stash!!! It's well known that I have beads all over the house (even in the fridge yesterday - but there was a good reason for that I promise!) but these are kept in a special box (I just had to upgrade to a bigger one!)

It maily contains orpahn beads - ones that are just pretty, but for one reason or another didn't make it inot a set - I won't let go! And I do use them, they're great for bag charms, or dangles on the end of a necklace or even Trudi Style charm bracelets.

Anyway, back to the box - it has several compartments, organised by colour (some colours have 2 sections!) But these are a bit secial as you can see - these are multicoloured - they needed a section of their own. These were all made with 1 rod of glass - Gaffer Chalcedony - aren't they lush!

My precious ......... time to hide them back away!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Stevie's Lace - back to the 80's

We're heading back to the 80's with this lace bead, Set on a gentle pink base it's been decorated with a swirled lace effect and burst murrini! All it needs is a little leather!

now where did I put my leggings and lace gloves ................

Golden Honey Flower Bracelet

I have a new flower press, and now I've mastered it I love it! These beadies were fresh out of the kiln yesterday and I just couldn't wait to have a play with them.

The base glass is lt topaz and in the sunlight it's just like golden honey, in the centre is "Clio" a reflective glass that's just beautiful. I've teamed it with green and pinky Swarovski crystals and finished with a starling silver butterfly toggle.!

It's so girly and I love it!

Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

I am just loving my new flower press, just thinking up different combinations to use now! These have gorgeous murrini's in the centre that really bring them to life!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Lesley's All about Pink

Sometimes when I see creations by customers I want to say - can I have them back please - don't bother taking them apart - I'll have them the way they are thank you!!

Take a look at this bracelet by Lesley, it really is All About The Pink! You can see more of her work at

Val's Hollow Necklace

And here we have a stunning design from Val. She's used my hollow beads to make this flowing design, matching the colours with an expert eye!
And Val's talents' don't stop there, she runs her own company designing websites - what a woman. So if you're in need of any help in that area, please check out

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Arwen's Treasure

It's good to have friends - I made this for a good friend of mine. And a huge fan of Lord of the Rings - hence the name!

She got this today - and sent me a text straight away when it arrived. Makes me feel good that she likes it. IShe loves purple and I made it a shorter length as this is the style she prefers!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bracelet by Jean Evans

Stunning bracelet designed by Jean Evans. Playful in purple Jean has gone for an asymmetrical look, with superb links that work so well blancing with the beads!

To see more of Jeans work, visit and see her website -