Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Glimpse inside my private beady stash

It's not often people get to see this, like every other beader I have my own special stash!!! It's well known that I have beads all over the house (even in the fridge yesterday - but there was a good reason for that I promise!) but these are kept in a special box (I just had to upgrade to a bigger one!)

It maily contains orpahn beads - ones that are just pretty, but for one reason or another didn't make it inot a set - I won't let go! And I do use them, they're great for bag charms, or dangles on the end of a necklace or even Trudi Style charm bracelets.

Anyway, back to the box - it has several compartments, organised by colour (some colours have 2 sections!) But these are a bit secial as you can see - these are multicoloured - they needed a section of their own. These were all made with 1 rod of glass - Gaffer Chalcedony - aren't they lush!

My precious ......... time to hide them back away!


  1. lovely!think I might get my stash out in a bit...and just look at it!

  2. Lovely! Makes me feel a need to go and stroke mine again (and then hide them away nice and safe until next time)!!! What on earth are we like? We're all mad! :D

  3. Hi Trudi, thanks for your message on CC blog - I'm part of the team and in a rush so didn't have time to sign in as CC but thought I'd let you know that the blog hop is only on wednesdays so please join in next week and for now come and join us on our new forum http://creationcollaboration.webs.com/ It's buzzing already but mainly about soapy stuff so need fellow beaders like yourself on there! I love lampwork beads, hoping to eventually get making them myself somewhere down the line!
    Thanks Lois x

  4. ooh, yum yum - gorgeous colours!

  5. They're fab! I've tried Gaffer frit, but not the rods; methinks I need to go shopping!

  6. glad i am not the only person that has a secret stash hehe