Friday, 29 July 2011

600 Likes ... Time For A "Freebie"

I noticed yesterday that I hit 600 likers on Facebook

A milestone to be marked I do think.

I wanted to give something away, but what .... so I have decided on a whopping discount. That way the lucky person can decide.

So here's the deal, all you need to do is to go and have a look at my website and leave a comment either on my blog post (on blogger) or under the 600 discussion tab on my facebook page saying which is your favourite item.

I will then pick a "winner" and that person will be offered that item with a 25% discount. I'll also offer up a "runner up" and they will get a 10% discount off the item of their choice.

The offer is for a discount on one item only, and applies to beads or jewellery on the site, and you must leave the comment in one of the correct places (So I can find them!).

I'll leave this open till end of play Sunday, and I'll announce the winners on Monday!

So what are you waiting for!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Onward Journey

Last week I sold this pretty Poppies Bag Charm, and I received a warm email back from the lady that bought it from me to tell me about the interesting journey it will soon make! (I was intrigued for sure).
Her son if off to the World Scout Jamboree (once every four years and this time in Sweden) and staying in Holland on the way back with a local family. She wanted to send him with gifts for the family he is staying with in Holland that represented our area and our interests. She loved my work and the beautiful flowers reminded me of the poppies we get in the local fields, and indeed our own garden as we scattered some poppy seeds in the garden when our dog died last year. Perfect!
It’s emails like these that really touch me, and make me proud that my little piece of art can mean so much to someone else!

But as if that wasn’t enough, the proceeds from the sale also went to the Royal British Legion. It’s a charity close to my heart, they do so much work for people behind the scenes and they don’t always receive the recognition they deserve!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Change with your outfit!!

There's always been something very appealing about interchangeable jewellery, I can always remember being fascinated as a child when my watch had different coloured faces I could change, I think it's part due to the fiddle factor!!
Beside the fiddle factor, it's also very practical too!
I have a lovely red skirt, and at the bottom there are patches of red, orange and purple. These are not colours that I would normally wear together but they look great on the skirt! I had a special family occasion to go to, and planned to wear that skirt. Now it's not easy to get jewellery to go with these colours but the day before I planned ahead and made myself some big hole beads (BHB) the the colour combo and slipped them onto some chains!! The bracelet is a style that is designed for BHB's but for the necklace I just used a regular snake chain - quick and easy!

While I was at it, I made myself a few more in summery shades ... now I can chop and change polka colours to my heart's desire!