Monday, 11 July 2011

Change with your outfit!!

There's always been something very appealing about interchangeable jewellery, I can always remember being fascinated as a child when my watch had different coloured faces I could change, I think it's part due to the fiddle factor!!
Beside the fiddle factor, it's also very practical too!
I have a lovely red skirt, and at the bottom there are patches of red, orange and purple. These are not colours that I would normally wear together but they look great on the skirt! I had a special family occasion to go to, and planned to wear that skirt. Now it's not easy to get jewellery to go with these colours but the day before I planned ahead and made myself some big hole beads (BHB) the the colour combo and slipped them onto some chains!! The bracelet is a style that is designed for BHB's but for the necklace I just used a regular snake chain - quick and easy!

While I was at it, I made myself a few more in summery shades ... now I can chop and change polka colours to my heart's desire!


  1. Fab idea , will be great for xmas pressies

  2. Great to get to know such a lovely, talented crafter!! Your jewellery is wonderful, and I love my earrings!!
    Look forward to a coffee at Warkton next month.....ooooh, and a cream tea!!!! : D

    Sharon xx