Thursday, 23 September 2010


I had a new customer buy this focal from me a short while ago - Rita, but she does make up jewellery so she called upon her friend Katherine to do the honours.
Katherine makes superb jewellery and she soon got to work on this, but she had a fixed idea in mind for this. The focal has a copper heart inside it, so she knew that to match this Red Magma Swarovski's were called for. These have many many facets so the light really catches the cuts and sparkles like mad!
A super collaboration don't you agree!


  1. I agree a perfect collaboration

  2. Thanks Trudi for your very kind words! But we both know that the credit goes to you for the advice of the Red Magma Swarovskis, as I hadn't even seen the colour yet! So thanks for that too!
    Thanks to you too Silly Moo for your complement too. :)