Friday, 19 November 2010

Give Me Colour!!

Long before I stared making beads, I made jewellery. These days I tend to make more beads, but every now and then I get the urge to make up jewellery. Sometimes it's for gifts, but sometimes it's just because.....

This bracelet was a "just because" ........... I do like making beads to suit the season, and coming up blacks, greys and blues will be popular, but I just felt like I needed some colour!!! These beads were made with a light topaz glass, a colour I do love to use, with a little goldstone and rolled in Beady Sam's trifle frit!!

I had a root around in my bead stash and found some coppered ceramic discs and findings that really bring out the gold stone. A further root and I came up with the coloured ceramic discs that I bought from Hilary, don't they look great, and in between I have some cut glass beads that I bought at a bead fair from Buffy's Beads!

When I look at this now, one word springs to mind and that's


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