Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gift Of A Blue Heart

I really love making gifts, and Christmas is a great time for this, if not very busy!!

Part of the challenge is to make something that will suit the intended from length, style and colour.

One of the gifts I made this year was this necklace
It started out with the blue heart, cobalt blue isn't normally a colour I go for, but I really like it in this heart. I wanted a longer length necklace so I used some hand-dyed silks from Diane (aren't they just gorgeous!) and to give it some weight and because I thought it looked un-finished, I added a long purple Swarovski crystal.
Just hope she likes it!
Trudi x


  1. WOW that is truly (Trudi) gorgeous!!!! I can honestly say that is the best ever heart pendant necklace I have ever seen.


  2. Aw bless you for saying that.