Sunday, 23 August 2009

Challenges and Swaps!

I love to get involved in swaps and challenges, I find that they take me out of my comfort zone and work towards new styles!!

As it's "summer" I've been working on a challenge with the them Life's A Beach, and after several attempts I finally have something I'm pleased with:

I made this with a mixture of semi precious, ceramic, silver, swarovski and of course my own lampwork - so very unique!

On Frit Happens I've organised a Halloween swap - so I've been thinking of what to make. So far I have a couple of pumpkins to show off - very comical looking, I might have to call them Eric and Ernie!

In the kiln as I type I have a couple of ghosts . whooooooooooo!! Can' wait to see how they come out! Watch this space!

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