Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mojo A Go-go

Ever have one of those days where things just don’t go to plan??? Well last Friday was one of those days for me!!

The next bead fair was planned for November, so we had lots of time. But then there was a cancellation for the Bead Fair at Harrogate in October – too good an opportunity to miss, so we’ve booked up to be there. But not only is this a big fair, it’s also a 2 day fair. So I’m thinking not a problem, I’ll go into the studio and have a session. Only problem was any new design I worked on just didn’t work out as I wanted, and then my mojo went AWOL!!

So I then decide – let’s leave it for now – no point in forcing something that’s just not going to happen! So I decided to head home, and hey it’s Friday night – there’s Strictly Come Dancing and the Tudors to watch. I was off with a spring in my step. Only to discover that Strictly was now just on Saturday’s now and the Tudors had finished the week before!!! I was heading downhill fast, so I had to contend myself with NCIS and Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie - I could have more as it was the low fat yogurt version – yay, something was going my way.

Happily the mojo has returned now, and I’ve made a few more Halloween beads for my bead swap,

and I’ve made some new style beads too! - I'm calling these Chinese Water Garden.

As a side note - the other week I went to see Julie & Julia - a film about someone who admired a famous cook, and she decided to set herself a challenge to cook all her recipes from her book in 1 year, and she would write about it on her blog. She came across the same question as me - am I just rambling on into cyber space, or does anyone actually read this at all? Well, I know I'm not completely alone on here as one of my customer actually told me that she did read it, and she did enjoy me ramblings .......... thank you x

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  1. Fantastic Ramblings Trudi; just fansinating the things you come up with :) Enjoying your stuff... where do you find the time ahhh

    Lou x