Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Magnetic Electric!

Magnetic Electric Force Magnetic Electric

Well it takes a brave person to go out to the studio and make beads in this weather - it's bloomin cold out there don't you know!! Still, I had some new reactive frit to play with so I braved it for a short while!!! (With lots of coffee and quick trips inside to warm me up!).

And I really have taken quite a fancy to it so I have. All of these have been made on the same black base with the frit on the surface, the only difference being that I swirled the one on the left around. And I love the effects that are on all of them - you can really get a superb oil slick reflection - NICE!

I've decided to call this effect - Magnetic Electric, quite fitting don't you think!


  1. I like what you have done & I do understand how cold you feel in that shed, I have 6 tops on today that is including thermals. I cannot wait till you put these beads on your web I wonder how long they will stay with you ?

  2. ooo, thats a lovely effect! Hope you don't get too cold out there!