Monday, 18 January 2010

Golden Vortex

Golden Vortex 2, originally uploaded by Glittering Prize - Trudi.

Well the weather has been kinder these past few days for sure! In fact, yesterday was just delightful.

I was out in the studio melting glass, as is my want!! And on Saturday I was playing with my new lentil press that I love. Looking forward to some sunshine I grabbed some topaz, some goldstone and threw in some silver glass frit and murrini - and this is the result!!
And do you know what ................. I'mgoing to keep it.

Infact, I'm wearing it now!!


  1. I'm not surprised you are keeping that bead. She is stunning. Wow x

  2. Thank you - I've just had an order to make another one. It's very similar, but not quite the same. Well, handmade beads never are - that's the beauty!