Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Wheels on The Bus

The Wheels on The Bus, originally uploaded by One Silly Moo.

Well I decided to have a go at the big hole beads - it was about time really!

So I made a set in 3 colours - lack, Pearl Pink and Pearl White - I like to call this combo Sophstication (This came from a set of beads I made a while ago, but tha's another story.........). So I made these, fitted them with sterling silver rivets and made a set of slightly smaller ones to match. My initial thought was that they'd be used on European / Pandora style bracelet. But Stacey (aka One Silly Moo) had other ideas!!! And I think that the result is pretty cool - this is why I love to see pictures from my customers!

Thanks Stacey!

If you want to know more about Stacey, click on the link under the picture!


  1. they are amazing beads , they would be nice in pastel colours for spring, i love them so i'm not getting rid of these

  2. So glad you like them - pastel colours will be available soon!