Thursday, 18 March 2010

Blue Grass

For Mother's Day I decided to make a set of beads in memory of my Mum who passed away last year. She may be gone, but I still like to make her gifts for special occasions. Her favourite perfume was Blue Grass - and inspired from the colours in the packaging I made some beads. The gift bit came when I soldl them on to raise money for The Dogs Trust, you guessed it, Mum's favourite charity.

The beads were snapped up by the lovely Julia, and here you can see a pair of earrings that she's created. Pretty aren't they! To see the other pieces that Julia created, go to the Customer Creations section in my Flickr album!

Trudi x


  1. What a lovely, lovely idea to make some beads in your mum's memory and donating the money to her favourite charity!!

    Gorgeous beads, lovely jewellery!

  2. Thanks Julie!! I think it's a positive way of remembering1 It works for me anyway!