Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I've been blogged!!

As many of you know, I just love to see how others use my beads. It's strange and enlightening at the same time! Sometimes you have pre-conceived ideas -and then you get a picture and you think - wow, I never thought of that.

Well I've just received an email from the lovely Veryan of Beady Pool to show me how she used these beads. I just adore the mix with the silver, it really sets them off, and they look so carefree!

The strangest thing, and I swear it's true - last night, having made mself some of these beads, I sat down and made myself a bracelet and necklace to go with the earrings I already have!! How bizzare is that! But even more bizzare (or not!) I have also simply teamed mine with silver! Here are the earrings

I'm actually wearing the set today too as it happens. All I need to do is to phograph them too!!

To see more of Veryan's work visit her blog here :

and her Folksy Shop here:

And just incase you were wondering, these beads are available, made to order, and can be made in other colours too!

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  1. Oh love what you have done with your set Trudi..I love seeing how different people use beads in different ways. Thanks for the blog feature Vx