Monday, 17 September 2012

It's Been A While!

Hello there

It's certainly been a while since I blogged, I guess I've been guilty of posting quickly on Facebook instead. While I do love Facebook, it's great because it is so quick, I do find that I'm limited to one picture per post. Sometimes you want to post up a few and tell a story ... so for that the blog is great!

So what's new then?

Firstly, I've had a mini make over!
Well, not me personally, but my Etsy shop, my website and here.
I wanted to jazz up my banner in Etsy, and as I don't have the time (or expertise) I had a look on Etsy and I found a wonderful shop called Accentuate run my Marilyn!

She has pre-made sets that she will add your shop name and tag line to, and once sold to you she doesn't re-sell them so they are unique to you. With sets starting at $12 (about £7.70), I thought that this was a bargain. The banner also fits nicely on here and my blog! I like it so much that she's also designed an advert for me and I'll be getting some graphics for my next lot of Moo cards!

And the makeover hasn't stopped there!

The polka beads are very popular, and I was thinking about how I could jazz them up a little!

Well I mulled it over, and I gave them the "Razzle Dazzle" treatment
and they now have a lovely shimmering finish.

I'll admit that it's a little tricky to capture in a photograph, but in the flesh they have a lovely shimmering finish to them.

So far, I have only tried it on the blue ones but I plan to try it out on others very soon!

So watch this space!

Till next time
Happy beading!

Trudi x

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