Friday, 28 September 2012

Tickled Pink

October is almost upon us and with that is
Breast Cancer Awareness
To help raise funds and awareness I have set up a Tickled Pink section in my Etsy shop.
Here you will find a range of pink beads, and on each listing I will advise how much from each sale will be donated to Breast Cancer Charity.
I decided to do this on multiple listings instead of making say one set and donating all the proceeds for a few reasons. Firstly it gives more people a chance to participate and do their bit. And with having more than one set I can keep listing and talking about it. It's not just about the money raised, but also about raising awareness. Let's get people talking!
From experience from previous years, I have decided to wait till the end of October and add up all the donations and then pay that amount in one lump sum. When I have that amount, I will post it on here and on my Facebook page along with a copy of the receipt!
There are some beads already listed, with more to come. So please keep a look out.
Your support is greatly appreciated.
Trudi x

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